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Coronavirus Response

How NVRE University is responding to covid-19(coronavirus)

Due to the recent developments of the COVID-19 (Coronavirus), NVRE University is actively committed to taking the necessary preventative actions for the safety and well-being of our valued students and employees. We are monitoring the situation closely, and we believe that it is crucial to be transparent about how we are adjusting to safely navigate through the circumstances. 

We have been able to adapt to this situation through the use of modern technology, and our proactive ability to respond to COVID-19. Among our preventative actions, we are implementing the following:

  • Following current CDC recommendations, social distancing of 6 feet is strongly encouraged to be maintained between all parties.
  • We are keeping in accordance with health guidelines as recommended by the CDC, including cleaning hands frequently with alcohol-based hand sanitizers and/or soap and water.
  • When the students are picking up the textbooks from the school, they can let us know if they want to pick them up outside our door. They will need to call us so that we can place their books outside our door.
  • In-person class sessions will be moved to an online in-live classroom to maintain the continuity of our sessions.

Nvre University offering in-live classes

NVRE University has developed a new education plan to provide for our upcoming students in response to COVID-19. Our in-person classes will be moving to online in-live classrooms. You can experience a classroom setting from the comfort of your own home.

  • You will attend an online in-live classroom with a live instructor using a video conferencing software
  • Experience the benefits of a classroom setting from the convenience of your home
  • Get maximum interaction with real-time engagement
  • Receive instant feedback and clarification from your instructor

Nvre University Testing Procedures

The testing procedure will remain in-person, proctored by an administrator of NVRE University. To keep within the recommendations made by the CDC, we will be testing only 1 student at a time. Every student will need to schedule an appointment in advance to complete the State and National tests.

Virginia Governor Ralph Northam announced on March 23, 2020 the following guidelines pertaining to essential and non-essential businesses in response to Coronavirus (COVID-19) in Virginia. The updates can be viewed here.

Maryland Governor Larry Hogan announced on March 23, 2020 the following guidelines pertaining to essential and non-essential businesses in response to Coronavirus (COVID-19) in Maryland. Official guidance from the Office of Legal Counsel can be viewed here. Additional updates can be viewed on the announcement page.

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency has released the federal guidelines for critical infrastructure sectors on March 19, 2020 following the Coronavirus (COVID-19) in the United States. The updates can be viewed here.