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Why Do You Want To Be a Real Estate Agent?

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Being a real estate agent can be a great career choice. There are many great benefits and some pitfalls to pursuing a career in this field.

Do YOU have what it takes?
As a real estate agent, you will need to bemotivated, self-disciplined, self-promoting, and confident.
Agents who know how to speak with confidence will find the business of real estate easier than most.Being an agent requires hard work, long hours and a lifestyle that supports this.
However, doing the hard work and putting in the hours can have tremendous rewards.  If you are a person who loses motivation and does not possess the drive it takes,you may become discouraged.
Many agents start out withhigh energy and great expectations, but the process canbecome tedious, they lose their motivation and give up.

The financial rewards can be great; however, having a saving for 4 to 6 months living expenses is highly recommended when you start.

Real estate,is like many professionswith high pay comes high risk.  The question is, are you ready, willing, and confident enough to get started?

Having the right personality is not just helpful, it is essential.
How you approach business and what values you live by, will determine what kind of agent you will be.  Are you selling a house, or are you advocating for your clients to have a new home and the lifestyle they deserve. Agents must be patient, honest, trustworthy and able to keep information private.  They possess excellent listening and communication skills;these will aid in providing the best options for their clients. The clients usually know if you are there to indulge your own needs or if you are there to advocate for them.  A real estate agent will thrive in this business if they keep their focus on servingtheir clients’ needs and putting the client’s interest ahead of their own financial gains. The real estate business is about building relationships. If you possess these values and traits, a career in real estate is where you could shine.

Do you have the desire to manage your own business?
Real estate agents are effectively running their own businesswhile affiliating with licensed brokers; therefore, avoiding the legal liabilities and the financial overhead. Acquiring and keeping clients, marketing andprotecting your license are just a few of the things you will need to manage your business.It is essential for the real estate agent to have diverse skills; must be able to interact and negotiate with competing and cooperating real estate agents, home inspectors, assessors, bankers and lawyers, and others.In this ever changing business you need to keep up with changes in legal and financial regulations, technological innovations, marketing techniques, new residential and commercial developments, and the local economy.

If you like the fact that no two days will be the same, and you have the ability to function in a fast paced ever changing business; then real estate might be a good fit for you. For many people, whether out of high school, collegegraduateor tired of the corporate rat race;a career in real estate can be a winning proposition.
If you are of the mindset that serving people is a gift you possess, then helping your clients andtheir families live the lifestyle they have been searching for, could give you a referral for life.
You could end up being a real estate Super Star with tremendous financial and personal satisfaction and the “Lifestyle” that goes with it.

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