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Before Your First Renewal

Post Licensing Courses

Finish These Courses Before Your First Renewal

It is required by the state that all new brokers and salesperson, who have recently obtained their license, they must complete post licensing education before their first license renewal. At NVRE University, we offer the required post licensing classes for Virginia. These classes are only offered online

Virginia Post-Licensing Education Requirements

Real Estate Agents must complete 30 hours of continuing education to renew their license. The real estate agent must take:

  • Two Hours of Fair Housing, ADA and Civil Rights (2 hours)
  • Six Hours of Real Estate Law and Regulations (6 hours) 
  • Three Hours of Ethics and Standards of Conduct (3 hours)
  • Two Hours of Current Industry Issues and Trends (2 hours)
  • Three Hours of Agency Law (3 hours)
  • Six Hours of  Contract Writing (6 hours)
  • Three Hours of Risk Management (3 hours)
  • Three Hours of Escrow Requirements (3 hours)
  • Two Hours of Real Estate-Related Finance (2 hours)

If you fail to complete these post-licensing education courses, your license will be placed into inactive status.

More information on Virginia’s Continuing Education Requirement:
Department of Professional and Occupational Regulation