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Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to do to attend the Class?

Due to COVID-19, we are offering live video classrooms session until further notice. Here is what you need to do to properly attend the  in live video classroom sessions.

  • Download the Zoom Video Conference Software
  • Camera – You are required to enable camera. As mandated by the state, we need to verify that you are attending.
  • Microphone – You are are to have a microphone to participate within the class.
You will receive an email, close to the first session of class, containing a link that will allow you to attend the in-live video classroom.

what are the requirements to become a real estate agent?

  • Pre-licensing education (60 Hours)
  • Provide passport quality photo (2″x 2″) to the school
  • Pass the PSI Exam
  • Take fingerprints and pass background check
  • Apply to DPOR and pay the application fee

is there a difference between a real estate agent and a realtor?

Yes. A real estate agent is someone who holds an active real estate license (Licensee). A Realtor is a real estate licensee who is also a member of the National Association of REALTORS (NAR).

do i have to be a realtor to provide real estate sales services?

No, you don’t have to be a Realtor, however, it is strongly encouraged. To provide sales services, you have to be a licensed real estate agent in active status.

Do I have to join NAR (National Association of Realtors) to practice real estate?

No, but if you join NAR and the local chapters of NAR, then you will be a Realtor. Therefore, the affiliation with NAR is a volunteer association and is not a requirement to practice real estate brokerage.

NAR and the local chapters provide very valuable services which are essential in facilitating the practice of real estate sales. As a Realtor, you have to abide by the NAR Code of Ethics

Are online classes available?

Yes, we offer online classes, Click Here 

What is the cost of the classes?

There are two options for online classes:

  1. Virginia Real Estate Principles Classes
  2. Virginia Real Estate Priciples Classes with Virginia PSI Exam Prep

There are several options for in-classroom education, the cost depends on the package chosen.

Visit our class shop page for more details.

I do not have enough time to complete my online classes. Can I extend it?

Yes, you can extend your time, however there are additional costs for it depending on how long you need to extend for.

  • 30 Day Pre-Licensing Extension: $75
  • 90 Day Pre-Licensing Extension: $115

The cost below are for those that are looking to extend their Continuing Education/Post-Licensing course, Exam Preparation and QBank Course

  • 30 Day Extension: $25
  • 90 Day Extension: $35


What is the PSI exam Preparation Day?

PSI Exam Prep Day is an entire day (9:00 am-5:00 pm) on the first Saturday following each session. It is dedicated to helping the students in preparing for the national and state exams. A student can sign up for the PSI Exam Prep Day with or without being enrolled in the 60-hour course. It does not come as part of the 60-hour course and you need to register for it separately.

How do I sign up for classes?

Enroll for Online classes

Enroll for In-Classroom courses

  • Enroll online
  • Call (703) 444 – 3820
  • E-mail

What are my payment options?



  • Cash, check, or credit cardc
  • For other payment arrangements, please call (703) 444 – 3820

Can I purchases the books separately?


What books do I need for the class?

The books required for the classes are:

Modern Real Estate Practice (20th edition) and
Virginia Practice and Law (11th edition).

Both of these books are available for purchase online Real Estate Bookstore in various forms and bundles.

Also, the students have the option to pick up the books on the first day of the session, provided that they ordered and requested and paid for the books at least one week before the start of the session (this will provide some savings on the shipping cost).

Cancellation Policy

We understand that on a rare occasion, there may be special unavoidable circumstances that may prevent you from being able to attend your registered session. Therefore, we would like to be as flexible as possible with every student enrolled while allowing other potential students the opportunity to enroll in the class. We appreciate your understanding!

What is the cancellation policy?

Cancellation processing fees and time-frames:

  • Cancellation requests received greater than five days before the start of class will be subject to a 5% admin fee.
  • Cancellation requests received within five days of class start will be subject to a 10% admin fee.
  • Cancellation requests received after the start of class will not be eligible for a refund. 

Can I transfer to a different session?

Transfer processing fees and time-frames:

  • Transfer requests received greater than five days before the start of class will not be subject to an admin fee.
  • Transfer requests received within five days of class start will be subject to a 10% admin fee.
  • Transfer requests received after the start of class will be eligible with a $50 admin fee.
  • Transfer requests to go from an in-live video classroom to a self-guided online session is not possible.

* The Merchant Processing Fee is 3%