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Home Inspector logging details of a house


Home Inspector Training

The course provides a comprehensive introduction to the practice of home inspection. The State of Virginia and Maryland require students to take in-classroom education to obtain your home inspector license 


Real Estate Education

This program offers classroom and online education. The in-classroom courses are available for Virginia licensing.

Online classes are available for DC, Maryland and Virginia licensing.

Home Inspection Pre-Licensing Training

This program offers classroom and online education. The States of Virginia requires classroom education and in the field Apprenticeship for home inspector licensing. The in-classroom courses are approved by the state of Virginia for home inspector licensing, the classes are offered at NVRE University campus in Sterling, VA. The course will be offered several times per year Check Schedule.

The students will learn about:

  • house structure,
  • foundation,
  • site preparation and grading,
  • the functionality of the various systems and appliances.

By  the conclusion of the course, the students will have good knowledge to identify defects that;

  • pose risk,
  • present potential hazard,
  • compromise the integrity of the building,
  • Adversely affect systems functionality.

In addition, the students will learn how to present the homeowner with recommendations to remedy the defects or to maintain the building and the systems to prolong their effective life expectancy.

Real Estate Pre-Licensing Education

This program offers classroom and online education. The classroom courses are available for Virginia licensing and they are offered 5 times every year; the online class are available for Virginia, Maryland, and Washington DC licensing, these classes are available year-round 24/7. With a mix of real estate classes, students will expertly complete the required  60-hour principles of real estate. Classes are structured with the concentration on coursework to assist students in capturing the knowledge, skills, and business fundamentals needed to meet the current and future challenges in the real estate industry.

The objective of our courses (Online or Classroom) is to introduce the student to the Real Estate Business; describing the varying career opportunities in real estate; familiarize the student with the basic principles involved in the sale, purchase, lease, and property rights; provide in-depth knowledge of contracts, title transfer, tax laws, and financing. These subjects and more will help in preparing the student for passing the PSI exam.

 Real Estate PSI Exam Prep 

This is an optional course designed to help the student to perform well at the PSI test. This class is offered both online and in a classroom setting for Virginia licensing. It is offered online for both Maryland and Washington DC licensing.

Real Estate Continuing Education

These classes are designed to meet the state requirements for license renewal.  These classes are available online only for all three states; Virginia, Maryland, and Washington DC